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Plett Arts Festival 2023

Pam Golding Properties Art Exhibition

The PGP Art Exhibition features four artists, each with their unique art style. This exhibition highlights the talent of local artists and photographers, promoting the extraordinary talent flourishing in Plettenberg Bay.

Don’t miss out on the auction of an artwork by the famous William Mwale, beginning at 18h00, on opening night.  A portion of the auction profits will be donated to a local charity.

The exhibition will run for the duration of Plett Arts Festival.


William Mwale, Claire, Terry Pickard, and Paul Allen.

William Mwale: William, a true son of Southern Africa, demonstrated an inclination for the arts from an early age, as his teachers constantly called upon him to create maps and diagrams with pencil. Later on William had an apprenticeship with one of Malawi’s most respected artists, Nyangu Chodola. With the desire to challenge himself in a larger market, William moved to South Africa, where he discovered new materials such as palette knives, further developing his style. He draws inspiration from painting faces, both human and animal, as he seeks to capture emotion, character, and happiness in his pieces.

Claire: Claire brings the warmth of her native “Natalian” climate to her work. With the joy of creation being her main motivation, Claire’s love of aesthetics plays out in her art in many different styles and mediums. With a background in interiors, she enjoys finishing and enhancing spaces with her works and considers art the final touch in transforming a space into the extraordinary or making a house a home. Her versatility allows her to explore many different mediums, palettes and subjects, evident in the range of her portfolio.

Terry Pickard: Terry uses photography to pursue his passion for wildlife and birds in their natural environments. Through his camera, he is able to see detail that he otherwise would not have noticed. He gets to discover the untamed spirit of Africa as he chases the perfect shot. The photo prints on exhibit have been edited in a minimalistic style to suite the modern space.

Paul Allen: Since 2016 Paul has taken photographs of Plett’s spectacular sunrises during his early morning beach walks around the rocks. Paul has a natural artistic ability for capturing captivating scenes that speak to the heart of his audience in the most audible way. Paul’s business, Spirit Photography, with Special Promotions, sells these photos on canvas, in various sizes from A5 to A0.

This event takes place on:

Fri, 29 Sep

16:00 - 21:00


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