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Plett Arts Festival 2023

Firehart Digital Arts Exhibitions

DON'T MISS OPENING NIGHT ON SATURDAY 30 September at 4pm. Momo on Ukelele will be performing between 5 pm and 6 pm on the evening.

Be inspired by a variety of digital artworks, some of which come to life with 3D and video content. Graphic design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, plus AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) demonstrations. Experience digital technologies and explore the creativity possible in the digital medium. The exhibition is curated by Debra de Villliers of Firehart.

Six digital artists from all over the Garden Route exhibit at Firehart’s 3rd Digital Art Exhibition. Drift among a dreamscape of unique art pieces that kiss the eyes & the mind. Multi-talented digital artist, Momo (Monique Maritz) serenades with original sweet melodies, accompanied by her ukulele. Live music & authentic art!

The Firehart Digital Arts Exhibition takes place alongside The Sky is the Limit exhibition in the main hall.


Debra is a multimedia graphic designer and artist, working in print and online. She prints digital art and designs onto clothing and other products, and specialises in professional branding and websites. These days she is creatively re-focused on animation, 3D and visual effects, bringing motion, in time and space, to her static art pieces.
Debra is owner and driver of Firehart, her digital art brand and Dimension Design, her graphic & web design brand.


Kenyan born Ian Rossenrode is a traditional and digital artist with a degree in fine art and years of digital multimedia experience with international companies in SA and abroad, as well as with several UK universities. He is now back in Africa and teaching multimedia online, while taking on art commissions.


Monique Maritz, known as Momo, is a Namibian multimedia artist who combines her drawing, photography & graphic design to create visually exciting art pieces. She channels inspirations through nature to convey deeper symbolisms. Her intent is to cultivate a sense that there is something greater than self, more to being human beyond a sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is divine in nature.


Simone Franks, Durban born, has been a graphic artist manipulating design for packaging, signage, social media, web, 3D and animation content through the corporate lens. Her keen interest in the psyche within the evolution of humankind has led her on her journey to a deep study of Iyengar yoga, esoteric human design, hypnotherapy and a physical delve into community on her travels.  As a multi-racial agnostic woman, her work demonstrates a deep desire to find her place within society on her own terms.


Caylee Lillian Hicks, a Multimedia Designer, creates works from prints to animations and everything else in between. One minute she will be sending a printed portfolio to the printers and the next exporting an epic animated logo reveal. 


As an artist Janet rejoices in using whatever means of expression is available in order to best communicate her art. Known for her earthy, exuberant expression in authentic Karoo inspired paintings, she is excited to include digitisation and animation of her original alcohol ink works in her portfolio. Nature remains an endless source of wonder and inspiration for her, as does the human condition, which she sees reflected in the microcosm and the macrocosm.


Born in Namibia, Monique Maritz, mononymously known as Momo, is an indie folk singer/ songwriter who uplifts and inspires her listeners with her empowering lyrics and enchanting voice. Her intention with her music is to encourage authenticity, creative expression and inner wellbeing through embracing and making the best of one's circumstances.
Her music is inspired by the wisdom that she's realized through her life's experiences, as well as mother nature.

This event takes place on:

Fri, 29 Sep - Thu, 05 Oct

10:00 - 17:00


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